Our little piece of land was created and initially designed for our three children, then over time many people have appreciated our philosophy, and so we decided to open part of our home to those who want to share relaxing and peaceful moments. The main philosophy is the respect of Mother Earth, which gives us great wonders and we should only be able to respect it, she does not ask for anything else.

I was smart and I wanted to change the world,
now I'm wise and I want to change myself.
Dalai Lama

The spirituality of an ancient, magical place, rich in history of experienced people, of wise people makes the place unique and original, the awakening with the birds singing, the singing of the geese the call of the goat are unique emotions that everyone in life should try, a place designed to excite, to relax and get in synergy with ourselves and the Earth.


B&B Il Girasole

  • Via Strada Gauzza 6, 25026 Pontevico (BS).
  • +39 333 2336922

Il Girasole was born in March 2015 from the desire to create a welcoming space where you can enjoy the calm of nature.


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